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The Shamwari Conservation Experience through the eyes of a VolunteerThe Shamwari Conservation Experience through the eyes of a Volunteer

Through a Shamwari volunteer experience social bonds are created and one gets to interact up close with natural environment. You leave Shamwari a happier person, more in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

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Zanele Joni community champion 2017Zanele Joni community champion 2017

Meet Zaza! Due to South Africa’s high poverty levels, many bright young people like Zaza have a bleak future finding jobs, let alone getting into the career of their choice.

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Elephant fertility research update 2016Elephant fertility research update 2016

I was lucky enough to participate in this research project as a volunteer back in 2013 and feel it’s fitting to be able to personally communicate the substantial contribution Shamwari has made to this research.

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Brown hyena research project update August 2015Brown hyena research project update August 2015

It was with a combination of great anticipation and a bit of sadness that I took the last collar from our office. 15 months, 8 brown hyena and 9 collars later we successfully collared the last brown hyena for this project.

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Volunteers set up brown hyena cage trapVolunteers set up brown hyena cage trap

After removing the hyena from the neighbouring farm we then collared it and tried to track it after its release on to the Shamwari reserve, but couldn't find a signal at all.

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