Shamwari Conservation Experience

General Conservation Activities

General Conservation activities at Shamwari Conservation Experience may include:

Born Free Foundation Charity

The Born Free Foundation Charity and Shamwari Private Game Reserve are both committed to the conservation of wildlife. Creating awareness and educating our guest and local population as to the importance of the protection and conservation of wildlife, we aim to promote the protection of habitat while maintaining a humane and compassionate approach to the care and welfare of any captive animals.

This centre offers a great opportunity to showcase and create awareness about the horrific way in which wildlife is exploited in captivity around the world. Our visits to the centre are conducted with the overall focus on education and raising awareness as to the plight and ill-treatment of these and other captive animals. No breeding of cats is undertaken at the centre which is a sanctuary for Lions and Leopards who are unable to be reintroduced back into the wild.

Your interaction with this team may range from a personalized behind the scenes tour to assisting with maintenance and cleaning of enclosures and at times even feeding and other tasks required to ensure that the cats enjoy the peaceful existence they deserve.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (WRC)

Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was set up to aid in rehabilitating injured animals found on the reserve and surrounding community. The aim is to give the animal short-term care and release it back into their natural environment.

Volunteers participate here if and when assistance is required as the centre is not a sanctuary. No animals are kept for purposes of breeding in captivity but are hosted with the aim of giving them a second chance to take on life back in the wild. 

Community Projects

The role of conservation does not stop at conserving nature alone, but also includes a responsibility to uplift local and impoverished communities. This responsibility includes education of the community as to the role and benefit of conserving biodiversity and further stresses the importance of conserving our natural resources. Weekly trips are made into the local community to assist in various community projects that range from creating and maintaining vegetable gardens, recycling projects, painting classrooms and building jungle gyms. 

Research Projects (short-term focus)

Undertakings of research projects with a focus on a value-added outcome for the reserve or conservation as a whole are viewed as an incumbency. These projects are often undertaken in conjunction with both local and foreign research and academic testing to capturing data on lesser known species such as the Brown Hyena.

Possible Activities Include:

  • Sleep outs on the Big Five reserve
  • Orientation and nature walks
  • Assisting in night and anti-poaching patrols

Possible Talks and Presentations

In the ClassroomIn the Field
South Africa's Lion IndustryMedicinal Plants and Trees
Rhino Poaching in South AfricaWildlife Tracks and Signs
Ecological Management of Game ReservesBasic Wildlife Conservation Ecology and Management Principles
Elephant ConservationAstronomy
Biomes of the Eastern CapeAnti-poaching methods
Control of Alien Invasive VegetationAnimal Behaviour