Shamwari Conservation Experience

We wish you were here!

What a change a year makes and even more so when we look back at last year this time!

As our greatest support base in Eco-Tourism consists of foreign visitors to our beautiful country and continent at large, we reach out to all those affect and facing challenges as result of this pandemic, offering well wishes to you, family, friends and loved ones.

We will publicize future availability as soon as it becomes available.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to  chat to us to discuss options for development potential for individuals and groups in the future.

We are as yet unaware of the full ramifications of the current lock down in South Africa, or when it will end.  However we naturally look forward to hosting our guests as, appreciating that it will demand several multi stage protocols to do so safely.

Shamwari Conservation Experience has 23 staff members as part of a bigger Shamwari staff compliment of over 450 staffers in total, all of whom are affected by current restraints. Most of our staff are from local rural and peri-urban communities (Paterson and Alicedale) and are also facing service delivery challenges, over and above related daily breadline poverty issues. We are working closely with local governmental authorities, non-governmental and other private tourism institutions and partners, to assist our staff and local communities through these difficult times.

The silver lining is that Shamwari has also had a team of dedicated staffers volunteering their services and skills, choosing and tasked to remain on reserve to monitor and manage what is also important and dear to us, our wildlife, fauna and flora!

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We remember - May 2019 at Shamwari Conservation Experience. 

Shamwari Conservation Experience May 2019