Basic Rifle Handling (BRH) Assessment for the Ranger Trainees

3 November 2014 | One of the extra modules included in our world class field guide training course is the BRH assessment. This video has been put together to show you how the assessment is run and what it entails. Post a Comment

Ranger Training Graduation

7 April 2014 | An epic 2 months has come to an end for the 14 budding rangers being put through their paces on our world class Ranger Training Course held at Highfield House based within the reserve. Post a Comment

Assessment Drive – Ranger Training

13 March 2014 | This week each trainee has been put through their paces on the reserve, taking assessors as well as some guests on a game drive. Post a Comment

Ranger Training - Shooting

17 February 2014 | Trainee Rangers take on firearm management at Shamwari Conservation Experience. Post a Comment

The Ranger Training for 2014 has begun.

29 January 2014 | Welcome to our first group of Rangers 2014. Have a look what they will be doing at Shamwari Conservation Experience. Post a Comment

Snake Handling

11 June 2013 | Cringe, but it has to be done! The ranger trainees go on their snake handling course. Post a Comment

Driving Miss Daisy or Driving Like Crazy

21 May 2013 | Feedback from the 4x4 Driving Course. Post a Comment

Meet our Ranger Training Students

26 April 2013 | See whose doing our Ranger Training Course from April - June 2013 and why. Post a Comment

Thandokazi's Wine Tasting Highlights

10 October 2012 | Being a part of the wine tasting tutorial for the Field Guide Training Course was a great experience... Post a Comment

Ranger Training Week 3

25 April 2012 | Another week gone. A week filled once again with a lot of information and happenings. Generally a cold week, which saw the fashionable return of high socks and shorts thanks to Luke. Post a Comment

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