Monitoring and the purpose behind it.

27 May 2014 | Monitoring the wildlife at Shamwari Game Reserve and why we do it... Post a Comment

Thandiís Fund Raiser Rhino Protection Donation

24 April 2014 | Angie Goody, founder of Thandiís Fund Raiser, shares her inspiration for founding the "Thandiís Fund Raiser" & her experience of seeing how the funds she has raised is used for rhino protection at Shamwari Game Reserve. Post a Comment

So, what have the volunteers been up to this week?

27 February 2014 | Apart from having seen the big five over the last week and spending quality time with our resident leopard Sandile, they have also been lending their muscle to collecting rocks... Post a Comment

Sandile the leopard has a transmitter change.

19 February 2014 | The Volunteers were on hand when our dominant leopardess had her tracking transmitter changed. Post a Comment

Born Free Lion Darting

14 February 2014 | Did you know that here at Shamwari Game Reserve we are lucky enough to host the Born Free Foundation Big Cat Sanctuary? Itís commonplace for the volunteers to get involved when they need assistance .. Post a Comment

Bayethe Wetland Project

14 February 2014 | One of the many different projects undertaken by the volunteers recently was to create an artificial wetland at one of the northern based lodges on the reserve. Post a Comment

We would like to introduce to you our new coordinator, Jone!

27 January 2014 | We would like to introduce to you our new coordinator, Jone! Post a Comment

SCE volunteers get involved in elephant fertility research

13 December 2013 | Last week we concluded the last of 2013ís elephant darting for an ongoing fertility research program on Shamwari Game Reserve. Post a Comment

Goodbye to Jens

6 December 2013 | We are going to miss you Jens Post a Comment

A Mean Conservation Machine!

25 November 2013 | Students VS Fences.. Post a Comment

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