Brown Hyena Research Project Update August 2015

20 August 2015 | It was with a combination of great anticipation and a bit of sadness that I took the last collar from our office. 15 months, 8 brown hyena and 9 collars later we successfully collared the last brown hyena for this project. Post a Comment

Hyena Update – July 2015

17 June 2015 | Konrad delivers his Brown Hyena Project update for the month as he finds another hyena that he's collared dead in the north of the game reserve. Post a Comment

Hyena Update – May 2015

18 May 2015 | I can't believe it's been a year since we collared JJ, the male hyena! Post a Comment

Latest Update on the Brown Hyena Project

21 April 2015 | We have managed to capture and collar another two brown hyena, bringing the total number collared for this project to seven. Post a Comment

Brown Hyena Research Project Update.

6 February 2015 | So 2015 has not started well for the Brown Hyena Project. We have lost two hyena in the first two weeks. Post a Comment

Shamwari Brown Hyena Research Project End of Year Report

9 December 2014 | Can you believe that the end of 2014 is approaching quickly, and yet it’s been an amazing year for this project. From doing the draft six years ago, I’ve seen and felt it gather momentum this year which has really been a highlight for me. Post a Comment

Brown Hyena Research Project Update.

29 October 2014 | “Ohhhhh noooooooo!! Does it really have to be put in the back!! Can we not…..?” Post a Comment

SUSCON Africa Foundation Supports Brown Hyena Project.

29 August 2014 | Thank you SUSCON Africa Foundation for supporting our Brown Hyena Research Project. Post a Comment

Brown Hyena Project Update July 2014

15 July 2014 | We have been lucky enough to catch and collar two male hyenas in the last couple of weeks. One of the males was caught in the south and another was caught in the north of the reserve. Post a Comment

GPS readings on new collar show incredible footage

19 May 2014 | Konrad received his hyena collars nearly 2 weeks ago and collared his first brown hyena.. Post a Comment

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