Rhiannon Owens recounts her trip with Reaseheath College

15 December 2016 | Reaseheath came to Shamwari for the first time in 2016 and one of their students kept a diary of her exploits while on her study tour. Post a Comment

Historian visits Shamwari for cultural experience

14 August 2014 | Normally the thought of a “local historian” conjures up an image of a bespectacled museum curator who would look and probably feel out of place when taken away from a dusty old library, but when Basil first arrived we knew we were in for something special... Post a Comment

Merrist Wood College 5th Visit to CNSV:XP

7 April 2014 | At the beginning of February we were joined, for the fifth year running, by 28 students and 2 tutors from Merrist Wood College in the UK. All of the students were studying Animal Management and this programme was an opportunity for them to experience the reality of this particular subject in the African bush. Post a Comment

5th visit from Merrist Wood College

24 February 2014 | Students from the Merrist Wood College have returned to Shamwari Conservation Experience for the 5th year. Post a Comment

Myerscough College visits SCE

29 July 2013 | We revisit the highlights of our 2 weeks with Myerscough College. Post a Comment

3 Action Packed Weeks With Merrist Wood Animal Management Students

28 May 2013 | SCE Coordinator Jens Frenzel recounts all the activities and achievements of the Merrist Wood Shamwari Conservation Experience. Post a Comment

Leeds University visits Shamwari CNSVXP

15 September 2012 | We welcomed a group of Leeds University students at Shamwari Game Reserve this month... Post a Comment

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