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By Cindy Stadler
SCE Coordinator

Yesterday we were burning the veld in the north of Shamwari Game Reserve to get rid of palatable and innutritious grass. We did this to stimulate new vegetation to grow after the rain.

Shamwari Conservation Experience Volunteers had to grab a branch each to man the fire break in case the fire jumped across the road, burning the section of veld we didn't want burnt.

Firefighting volunteer Shamwari Africa

Towards the end the fire went into a valley and the heat intensified. The fire ended up jumping across the fire break and we had to rush to kill it fast. It was a long and hard day of managing bush fires but we had a lot of fun! We hope all the grazers enjoy the new vegetation that will spring up in the next few weeks.

For all the photos from the day visit our Facebook Page.


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