Blog Index So, what have the volunteers been up to this week?

Apart from having seen the Big 5 over the last week and spending quality time with our resident leopard Sandile, they have also been lending their muscle to collecting rocks from around the reserve to fill trenches in some of the worn and washed out roads.

It’s not just water and traffic that can damage the roads – elephants are also major culprits at making potholes when they take mud baths in the smallest pools of water right on the tyre tracks, somewhat unhelpfully. This has been witnessed on many occasions and never fails to amuse guests and volunteers alike. But no fear, the volunteers were on hand to recreate a stable foundation for the game drive vehicles as well as their own vehicles to ensure there’s maximum access to all corners of the reserve.

Currently we have a mixture of volunteers either taking a year out or who are on sabbaticals, but they all share the same goal which is to make a difference and contribute to the conservation programme.

Whilst here they still get the time to discover the Eastern Cape and indeed South Africa. If you want to do the same, get in touch!


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