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Playing the part of ranger - you've got to know your stuff!

Playing the part of ranger - you've got to know your stuff!

It’s that time of year when the trainee Rangers are coming to the end of their programme here at Shamwari Game Reserve and it’s time to show what they’ve learned.

This week is dedicated to assessment drives where each trainee is put through their paces on the reserve, taking assessors as well as some guests on a game drive. The purpose of the drive being for the trainee to prove their extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna on the reserve and demonstrating their interpretation skills of the activity they see whilst out and about.

This is the first opportunity the trainees get to really play the ranger part and demonstrate their passion and skills. With real guests firing questions at them it can be quite a tricky test; however, that just makes it more realistic for their future endeavours. Much will depend on the activity they find on the reserve so they are somewhat reliant on nature, but with a reserve as extensive and as bountiful as Shamwari, there is always something to talk about when you know your stuff!

We are half way through the drives and all the trainees have passed so far. Once their practical exam is finished they then have more field assessments to cover the likes of track and sign before knowing if they have done enough to gain their level 1 qualification.

Watch this space for the final report on how the group have done in the first Ranger Training of 2014. We hope this inspires you to follow a career as a Game Ranger?


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