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Our Community Champion Zanele Joni

Our Community Champion Zanele Joni

ZaZa passes her first course in lash and brow tint

ZaZa passes her first course in lash and brow tint

ZaZa during her first weekends course in Port Elizabeth

ZaZa during her first weekends course in Port Elizabeth

SCE Community Champion 2017

Meet Zaza! Due to South Africa’s high poverty levels many bright young people like Zaza have a bleak future finding jobs, let alone getting into the career of their choice. Challenges such as transport, technology (e-mail) and after school education are things most of us take for granted, but it’s something that could prevent young people from reaching their goals. This year (2017) we have selected Zaza to be our Community Champion. She has proven to be a helpful member of the Paterson community in always offering to assist with community projects, without any expectations. She is eager to learn, a good communicator and sets a great example for a young woman in a struggling community. Please support our cause in helping Zaza achieve her dream of becoming a spa therapist.

Aim: Our aim is to fundraise to pay for Zaza to be able to go to Elizabeth Beauty School in Port Elizabeth to attend weekend short courses throughout the year. The idea is for her to start with massage courses, as there is a market for that within our volunteer program. This will give her great practical experience at a lower cost to the client. Our volunteers are always asking for spa treatments on weekends but they are far from the facility and it's expensive. We aim to get Zaza through all the massage courses, then move on to nail and face treatments. She will also look into doing African hair braiding on the side to help with extra income for purchasing products for the treatments.

Once the training is completed and better job opportunities arise for her, we will happily wish her well in her future endeavours and see her, and this project, as a success story. Many young people in our poor communities have the potential to be great, but have no support and end up stuck in the same place all their lives. Donations to a project such as this will help more than you could ever know, we just have to find those individuals and connect them with the right people.

The courses: (all for 2017)

Manicure & Pedicure - total cost R4,325

Sports Massage (completed)

Lash & Brow Tint and Brow Shape (completed)

Hot Stone Massage - total cost R3,960

Indian Head Massage - total cost R1,860

Basic Facial Skincare - total cost R5,175

Swedish Massage - total cost R1,815

Please help us to get ZaZa through each of these courses by donating before your arrival or during your stay. Thank you.



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