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Mike Horn Pangaea Young Explorers visit SCE

25 July 2012 | Shamwari Conservation Experience had the great privilege of hosting the Mike Horn Pangaea Young Explorers from all over the world this past weekend. The 30 young explorers were accompanied by students from Fontein Primary School in Port Elizabeth. Pangaea does a lot of great work with young peop … Post a Comment

Kineton College survives the African Bush

19 July 2012 | It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to the Kineton College group that became part of our lives the last 2 weeks. Looking back at the 2 weeks they spent with us we can only be amazed at how quickly the time flew by. Post a Comment

The Big Winter Sale

16 July 2012 | At the end of June we had a big sale of the clothes left behind by our volunteers. We made posters advertising the event a week before and set out one Friday morning to set up. We hardly started unpacking and people were lining up already. Within no time we sold nearly all the clothes and made c … Post a Comment

San Rock Art

10 July 2012 | We took the Kineton Group to a neighbouring farm to educate them about the San (Bushmen) culture and history in Southern Africa. The San were hunter-gatherers who moved over the land following migrating game and water. They were spiritual people who communicated with their highest power by entering the spiritual world through dance and often going into a trance. Post a Comment

Mist Netting And Bird Species Tagging - A June Update

2 July 2012 | We have had a serious baby boom in our two lion prides on the reserve. It would be nice to keep all the lions here at Shamwari but because the balance between predators and prey has to be kept, we had to say good bye to one of our young males. This gave our students the opportunity to dart and g … Post a Comment

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