Blog [August 2012]

Addo Multi-Purpose Centre

24 August 2012 | The Addo Old Age Home is now officially in the process of turning into a Multi-purpose Centre. They will be open during the day to elderly people from the community old age home, continue to feed under privileged children from surrounding primary schools on every school day and welcome people living with disabilities and HIV/Aids. Post a Comment

Internal Transmitter Replacement on a Leopard

20 August 2012 | The vet arrived, she was darted successfully and the volunteers loaded her on the transport mattress, accompanying her on the way to the Shamwari Animal Hospital. Once there she was offloaded, Johan explained the procedure and we all got to watch him at work. Post a Comment

White Rhino Darting

8 August 2012 | Modern conservation is practiced all over South Africa. Because of mans interference (e.g. fencing animals in and preventing natural migrations) we have to carefully manage the animal numbers(carrying capacity and genetic diversity) on the reserve to ensure a healthy biodiversity for all animals and vegetation involved. Post a Comment

Sinovuyo Day Care Centre

3 August 2012 | Sinovuyo Day Care Centre consists of a small corrugated iron building on church grounds in Paterson, a nearby town. It is run by Principal Joni and a few volunteers. When we first discovered Sinovuyo (meaning ‘joy’) the ladies were looking after 35 children between the ages of 1 and 3 years old. Post a Comment

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