Blog [June 2013]

An Unexpected Rhino Wildlife Operation

28 June 2013 | Cindy recounts how the volunteers recently assisted in removing a snare from a Rhino calf's ankle. Post a Comment

Den Site visited by the Southern Lion Pride

25 June 2013 | When collecting the camera trap footage this June, Konrad came across lion tracks. Worried about the fate of the hyena pups he hurried back to watch the footage. Post a Comment

Vet Eco Experience

13 June 2013 | This May the third year vet students from Glasgow University joined us at Shamwari Conservation Experience for a two week veterinary experience. Post a Comment

Snake Handling

11 June 2013 | Cringe, but it has to be done! The ranger trainees go on their snake handling course. Post a Comment

Travel Agents Give Our Gap Year Experience A Go

6 June 2013 | Last month Shamwari Conservation Experience hosted 12 travel agents at our volunteer camp. We gave them a small taste of what to expect when volunteering at SCE. Post a Comment

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