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Wow...just WOW! I've recently returned home from spending the most incredible 4 weeks of my life on Shamwari's Conservation Experience programit was EPIC! On arrival the staff were very friendly & welcoming. After a quick tour I was shown to my room which was very clean, comfortable & bug free...(if you're like me and have phobias then this will be a big plus!) All the co-ordinators are extremely knowledgeable, approachable & passionate which is very inspiring. They all have a fantastic sense of humour & are very easy to get on with. It was seriously cool working on the reserve, hard going at times but very rewarding and always felt in safe hands. I've honestly never been anywhere as beautifully serene as I have here. I had countless breathtaking moments that you simply can't explain to anyone...you have to experience this for yourself! Shamwari has stolen my heart....so I'll definitely be going back to get it!
Ashley McCabe

One of the best experiences I have ever had.
I loved digging into all the conservation issues and discussing them with our leaders. Phenomenal time!
Josh Shields

If you want a meaningful, memorable, educational holiday then I recommend this programme to you!
Tiffany Nieto

Shamwari Conservation Experience is something that will stay with you wherever you go. From the animals to the coordinators to the laughs, Shamwari stays with you.
Shawn Cook

Shamwari gives you an actual backstage look at a game reserve. None of the activities feel fake or made up to entertain the volunteers, really appreciated that, thanks for everything
Leila Thonie

A phenomenal program full of passionate people. The employees really know the facts and make even a pile of dung exciting and intriguing!

Briar Hunter


Coming to Shamwari as a "first-time traveller" has only encouraged me to travel more. This place has an amazing vibe, the coordinators are so passionate about their work. It has been a very memorable experience and I have learned much more about conservation (and myself). A pleasure indeed.

Line Duborg Skou


Third time here and still absolutely love the overall experience. The staff and coordinators are all so friendly and helpful. I guess that's why I think of Shamwari as my 2nd home. Thanks again everyone!

Melissa Sault


Volunteering at CNSV:XP has truly been an experience for life. The work that this game reserve does, not only for the wildlife but also in the local community, is absolutely amazing. I've learned so much from staying here and I'm definitely coming back. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Pia Lunde


I have attended the Conservation Experience on 6 separate occasions, why do I return? It's a therapy - you learn, you teach, you experience, and when you leave you leave a piece of yourself and take a piece of Shamwari with you.

Jon Watson


It was my first volunteer work experience and I am very happy to have chosen Shamwari. The staff are very professional and friendly. The location of the site is beautiful and peaceful where you can continue to experience the animals. The work that you do is useful for the game reserve and the community, so rewarding to be a part of. I will definitely come back and would highly recommend this progamme to anyone.

Alison Moreaux


CNSV:XP is an outstanding organisation which provides a first class volunteer programe. We came with a group of school students aged 16-18 and we all had the most unbelievable and unforgettable experiences. Our rangers Mike and Cindy are extraordinary people who taught us so much in a humourous and accessible way. The whole fortnight has been amazing.

Debbie Ticehurst (Lewes Old Gammar School)

United Kingdom

Without doubt this was the best 3 weeks of my life! Every day provided something new and exciting. It's so different to my life back home and so rewarding to be a part of. I am delighted to have met some excellent people here and hopefully will keep in touch. Coming to CNSV:XP has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and I can't wait to come back!

Cormac Conway

Northern Ireland

I was at this wonderful place for 10 weeks. First I thought this is going to be a very long time away from home. Now i can say that it became a second home for me. I enjoyed every minute being at this beautiful reserve, doing/seeing a lot of interesting and breath-taking things. I've never seen so many beautiful animals and an even more beautiful landscape (not to forget the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets)! And its not only work that is great - everything around it is as important as work itself - delicious food, nice accommodation and the most lovely staff members! I made friends for life and I'm definitely coming back to where a big part of my heart belongs now! Oh and even if there may be mistakes, my English improved a lot the last weeks ;-)
Nina Schuerch

I had one regret while at Shamwari, and that was not booking a longer stay!
Greg Parisi

Back in February I did another project In Namibia ad I thought it couldn't get better than that. But here it did. The variation and amounts of animals you see, the activity of the conservation work and of course the great coordinators have all made this one of the best experiences in my life so far.
Alexander Meeus

I had some misgivings about participating in the conservation programme as my wife and I were both over 65 yrs old, but found that the activities, including conservation work, were well within our physical abilities. It was a joy to drive out each morning and see a very large number and variety of animals and birds in their natural setting.
Tony Harris

I loved everything about this experience. As an older volunteer I found the tasks easy and fun. I enjoyed the drives through the reserve, seeing all of the animals in their natural environment. It was nice to meet so many people from different parts of the world. The staff were great, they made the trip perfect.
Ansje Harris

This has been an absolutely amazing and life-changing experience for our students. The work that you do in terms of conservation and community participation and encouragement is exceptional. We have enjoyed every minute and will definitely be coming back to the beautiful Shamwari.
Vicky Holland (Cornwall College)
United Kingdom

An experience that exceeded all of my expectations; comfortable accommodation in a beautiful setting, friendly and knowedgeable staff and opportunities you wont find elsewhere. A truly life changing experience that you will want to do again and again.
Gemma Loveridge
United Kingdom

The CNSV:XP programme has given me an opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural environment, see conservation efforts in action and learn about the effect the industry is having. I would recommend Shamwari Conservation Experience to anyone and it has reassured me that I want to go into the conservation field.
Matthew White
United Kingdom

Everyday was an adventure, and the reward was seeing positive change for the work we do. The work and efforts of Born Free, the rehab centre and Shamwari as a whole is priceless. This experience is one I'd recommend to everyone.
Aleisha Taylor

In a short two weeks I have had the most informative and rewarding experience of my life. As an Australian ecologist I was excited to learn conservation practices implemented by the Shamwari team, from tracking, telemetry, participating in university studies and the incredible efforts of Born Free giving mistreated animals a second life. I am so excited to implement and pass on the knowledge I have gained. Thank you so very Shamwari - I will always talk about this incredible experience until I am old and grey!
Kylie Bridges

SCE is a fantastic volunteer programme. It's very educational and the treatment of volunteers is excellent. I absolutely enjoyed my stay and will look forward to coming back in the future. Thank you Shamwari!
Benjamin Hintz

The conservation experience allowed me to gain an insight into real conservation work, the environment it operates in and its future. I loved learning about South African wildlife and hot topics such as poaching and how game reserves try and tackle the issue. I am taking great memories and a lot of food for thought home and have really enjoyed my time here.
Kristina Knuepfer

To come to SCE was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience is huge, the place and the animals simply amazing and the people are lovely. You must go there, otherwise you will miss out on something awesome.
Pascal Kunzel

Coming to SCE has been a life changing experience for me. I have not only got to know many aspects about wildlife, but also got an insider persepctive about conservation and South Africa as well as it's culture and the people here. I could not have asked for more.
Tian Zou

My only complaint is that nobody warned me that two weeks is not enough! Literally, I had a life-changing two weeks and loved everything; from the people to the animals. Worth every penny.
Matthew Dudding
United Kingdom

One of the things I enjoyed the most about Shamwari was the diversity of the tasks we were given. One day we'd be setting up the owl boxes and another we'd be chopping down Acacias. You should definitely be prepared for some different activities and never say no to a darting trip!
Louise Schmidt

Shamwari has given me the best experience ever, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time.
Becky Whitworth
United Kingdom

SCE is a once in a lifetime chance for an amazing time in South Africa, working on a reserve as a volunteer, as well as seeing the beautiful animals here. However long you stay there is a guarantee of having excellent action-packed days if you throw yourself into the experience. Well worth everything and you will come away with amazing memories.
Charlotte Brooks
United Kingdom

Shamwari is amazing. Lots of great people and animals and I would recommend everyone to come here even if its only for a few days - shame we have to leave as I want to stay longer.
United Kingdom

This was a wonderful experience, I have done things that I never thought I would do. I will never forget anything about this trip and would definitely recommend it. Everyone is so lovely, knowledgeable and friendly.
Chloe Haynes
United Kingdom

Spent an amazing 2 weeks here in November definitely won't be a once in a lifetime trip because I'll be back!!
Jade Walton, Ireland

Loved Shamwari and all the people there. I miss it and everyone. Best experience ever and I hope to return again one day, thank you all for everything.
Mercan Dag, United Kingdom

I would recommend this place for everybody who wants to see how a game reserve works and who likes to see how animals live in the wild. It's an amazing place.
Lisa Vanbrabant, Belgium

A great place to meet like-minded people and see wildlife. It's more than just a safari, it's an education in wildlife sustainability.
Susie Barrett, United Kingdom

CNSV:XP welcomed us with open arms when we arrived. We were taken on a tour, introduced to the team and settled in with the Samwari spirit within the hour. We were instantly in love with the vibe of the place, truly an inspiration for all of us present, and a life changing time for us young, independent learners.
Samuel Benedict, United Kingdom

SCE is educationally the best trip I have taken pupils on. It takes them out of their comfort zones and challenges them on every level. We will certianly return.
Steve Eales, United Kingdom

It has been amazing. One of the best, if not the best trip I have ever been on.
Rebecca Kershaw, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend the programme and game reserve to anyone. It was amazing to see the everyday life of the rangers and how much work is needed to run a game reserve.
Sarah Whitehead, United Kingdom

Shamwari provided one in a lifetime opportunities that I'll never forget.
Ella Walton, United Kingdom

Shamwari was an incredible experience, one that I am very grateful for.
Lara WT, United Kingdom

I enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely come again. Both the game drives and the manual/community work were an amazing experience which I will never forget.
Hannah Rowbotham, United Kingdom

Loved every moment of the trip, very educational and will have great memories of Shamwari, thanks to the knowledgeable rangers and staff.
Kathryn Martin, United Kingdom

Such an amazing place, with lots of hands-on experience. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. Can't wait to hopefully visit again in the future. Have learned so much that will help me with my future career path.
Rhianna Worsell, United Kingdom

I had a really fantastic time. I was overwhelmed with the knowledge, outgoingness and approachability of the rangers.
Stephen Hunt, United Kingdom

It has inspired me. 
Jon Troughton United Kingdom

Amazing experience with guides that know so much about the animals.
Laura Burgess, United Kingdom

Thoroughly enjoyed every minute at Shamwari and hoping to come back in the future. Brilliant to see people so passionate about animals, nature and conservation. Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience.
Cheyanne Camburn, United Kingdom

Very enjoyable programme with friendly staff, excellent food and accommodation - well done!
Eleanor Maltby, United Kingdom

SCE offers everything anyone could hope for when it comes to conservation. The coordinators are extremely knowledgeable and always make you want to learn more. I will never forget this incredible experience and I hope to return one day in the future.
Grace Barry, United Kingdom

SCE is a mind blowing, if not overwhelming place, and hugely educational. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Best time of my life.
Alex Pulfer, United Kingdom

A fantastic programme, jam packed with activities. Knowledgeable staff and excellent food - I can highly recommend.
Mandy Tamba, United Kingdom

Amazing experience, shared with amazing people. Completely 100% would recommend this to anybody and would love to come back in the future.
Caroline Cresswell, United Kingdom

What an experience! Each experience I have encountered will stay with me forever. The people I have met have changed me and the way I look at things. Life is too short to be wasted negatively. Thank you all, it has been awesome.
Jennifer Wooding, United Kingdom

Where other people should go? to shamwari conservation experience camp. what else? i mean its just awesome! don't think about it just go there and i promise it will change your life!
Ginger Duke. Austria

The conservation experience is an amazing experience for all ages. It has been amazing and fun. I have learnt so much and can't wait to come back again.
Shannon Westphal. South Africa

I would highly recommend this experience for anyone with a passion for helping others and learning about African Wildlife, meeting new people from around the world. Second time around this was another amazing month and hope that I will have another opportunity to take part and return to a place I love.
Melissa Sault. Canada

Environmentally appropriate, providing firsthand experience. A wonderful learning experience for all ages. A month of my life that I will remember - an epic journey for sure.
Ellie Joseph. Canada

Simply one of the best 2 months of my life. I've learned a lot, met fantastic new people and will definitely recommend the course.
Antonia Alverca. Portugal

Overall the course is very educational and I have learned a lot and enjoyed it from start to finish. The trainers are very wise and knowledgeable.
Ryan DeVincenzo

All the staff and the other volunteers were great, making the experience a truly memorable one.

Had the best two weeks ever, gutted to be home. This is not the last you've seen of me :
Kerstin Pryke

Miss this place and all its people!! Want to come back.
Willie Pienaar

Best volunteering experience ever .
Angie Goody

One of the best experiences I had was the training I did here (Ranger Training).
Rikus Lombard

Great to be up close to the animals, and especially the leopard. Perfect balance between work and free time.

The overall welcoming atmosphere of the place and the people was awesome, and the physical work got everyone involved - loved it.

The volunteers really work as a team and we enjoyed the work we did.

The friendliness of everyone, both the staff and the volunteers - far better than I ever expected.

The staff helped in making this a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

The people, the rangers and the other volunteers are so passionate about their work - and the cake was awesome.

I enjoyed all of it, every day was interactive and enjoyable.

I loved the vet work, the drives onto the reserves, seeing different wildlife and all the working aspects of the project.

I loved how different each day was and the spontaneity of it all. You never knew what you might see or be able to do next. I loved the staff and my fellow volunteers.

The best part for me was working hands on with the animals and learning from the coordinators.

We spent two weeks on the Shamwari Conservation Experience - and wish we had been there longer. The experience is extremely well planned, and the team looking after us so knowledgable and friendly. We got involved with a great variety of tasks ranging from clearing old fences, cleaning waterholes and (my favourite) chopping down invasive trees.The whole group does each activity/task together, so there's always lots of laughs and camaraderie to keep everyone going. The rest of the time is spenttracking and monitoring the animals on the reserve, seeing them go about their daily lives. We were so lucky to see so much, from the little baby warthogs and tortoises right up to the big five. For me the best parts, and one of the main reasons we chose Shamwari, was seeing so much of the big cats, lion, leopard, cheetah and spending time at Born Free. We also had a morning each week working in the local town's creche which was insightful and rewarding.My tips - do pack for all weathers, even though we were there in summer, the early mornings could be very chilly and we had a couple of rainy days as well as scorching hot days. And don't worry about taking lots of new clothes, be prepared to get down and dirty and it will be the best experience ever. Without doubt, every one of our mixed nationalities and ages group had the time of their lives.We loved it so much,yes there is some hard work but nothing unachievable. Idid things I never expected to do or even thought I could do - wielded a machete, shot a rifle and even cut a lion's claws. Wethrew ourselves into it and had the most fun, amazing and unforgettable opportunity to see and learn so much more of Shamwari and Africa.Toanyone thinking of joining the experience, just do it, you won't regret it!
Kerri and Steve Thorp

It was an amazing experience and we got handson experience that I would not get at another place.

The trip was amazing - once in a lifetime, I hope to come back!

The Co-ordinators are the best I have ever met, and I've met a few!

Blown away - it's been an eye opener!

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