Shamwari Conservation Experience

The Covid 19 Blogs No. 3

We have bid farewell to our mentor, friend and boss, Quinton Gillson, and wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.

Quinton spent the past 18 years of his life at Shamwari Private Game Reserve and built up our little volunteer program to what it is today.  He was one of the first on the passionate team of people that created Shamwari Private Game Reserve from devastated farm land to the jewel in the crown of private game reserves it is today.

Because of Quinton, so many people from across the globe experienced a trip of a lifetime and they keep on coming back!

Always approachable and supportive, we will miss Quinton greatly. 

Also, a year ago, we said goodbye to our coordinator, friend and Honey Badger, Chanel Carlson (Breytenbach) who left us after four years of being part of the family. She was getting married and started a new chapter in her life with her partner in crime, Louis.

Chanel was our predator lady, in more than one way, and was always there to help you out with whatever you needed. She always managed to find amazing sightings and wasn't scared of working and monitoring the heck out of the volunteers, but always with a smile and a joke. She even had to help/save a volunteer at some point who was having a black-out!  We are sure this and many other memories will be part of her forever as she will always be a part of ours.



There will be many more changes at Shamwari Conservation Experience after 2020.  We have had to face many challenges and we are looking forward to gathering our team together soon and opening our doors to old and new faces.

Watch this space for updates!

Chanel as we remember her.

Chanel as we remember her.