Shamwari Conservation Experience

Draft of Veterinary and Conservation Experience

Due to the nature of working with wildlife and other conditions out of our control, this draft serves as an example of a typical experience to date, but may be adapted as suits the conditions at time of stay and as will be exercised at the discretion of our veterinary wildlife team to best suit and optimize the experience for all participants.

Your participation depends on your level of experience and if you are already a vet / vet nurse or pre-vet student.



  • Wildlife drives on reserve. Species identification.
  • Discussions on wildlife management, monitoring, ecology, etc


  • Role of veterinarian on game reserves
  • Game capture techniques
  • Mass capture
  • Passive capture
  • Chemical immobilisation
  • Immobilising drugs
  • Darting and translocation equipment
  • Husbandry of captured animals
  • Game translocation

Practical Experience

  • Target shooting with dart gun
  • Assistance with darting (immobilisation) of specific animals
  • Translocation of captured animals from reserve to bomas (enclosure)



  • Important infectious diseases of wildlife
  • Wildlife
  • Wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation
  • Community work at disadvantaged communities
  • Poaching and veterinary implications of survivors of poaching incidents

Practical Experience

  • Necropsies
  • Mass capture and translocation of antelope
  • Target shooting from helicopter (dependant on availability and prevailing conditions)
  • Community day: Basic veterinary care/treatment of community animals
  • Visits to Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and Born Free Sanctuary