Shamwari Conservation Experience

Veterinary Work Experience Courses

Shamwari Conservation Experience is proud to offer the veterinary science and nursing student fraternity a unique opportunity to work and interact with Shamwari Private Game Reserve’s award-winning Wildlife and Conservation team.

With a 25 year history in pioneering the reintroduction and management of wildlife, fauna and flora to the Eastern Cape of South Africa, our specialist team has the ability to offer participants a balanced learning and upskilling experience, with a keen focus on hands-on participation through practical tasks and work, as well as through observation.

Being instrumental in the establishment and hosting of special focus veterinary courses and experiences for international and local veterinary science and nursing students, we have developed a more personalized experience, limited to 10 students, offering participants a more focused group experience.

Lectures and interactive talks are presented and hosted by members of our Shamwari Veterinary, Conservation and Anti-Poaching teams. Our experiences aim to offer participants a combination of veterinary and conservation activities and to be a part of our community upliftment projects, with a core focus on offering much needed veterinary relief for domestic animals within these impoverished rural communities.

All participants will receive a kit (see image below) which includes a copy of the sought-after veterinary book, “Chemical and Physical Restraint of Wild Animals” and rates include a shared set-time airport transfer from Port Elizabeth to Shamwari. To ensure and maintain the desired continuity, focus and yield for all participants in our Veterinary and Conservation Experience, enrollment requires proof of registration on a veterinary science, nursing or related veterinary study diploma\ or degree course.